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Hi Beloved, it's Me!

Now, let's be real... I'm not fostering co-dependency. It's just true that life is easier and more fun with support and companionship.

Is it not?

You were most likely guided here because you were gifted a 'tough life' and heavy loads to carry. All this, to experience and learn your true strength and power of influence! 

To see that you can become wise and strong enough to shape nations. Let's merge together and help each other ascend to higher levels within this matrix. 


Spirituality strengthens our light and releases us of, old vibrational imprints. Imprints that create the habits that keep us stuck to attracting the same types of people and circumstances, consecutively.  These are the things that are not being readily taught to us. 

It's my pleasure and purpose to help you... Congratulations on your new spiritual journey!

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To learn about my journey? 

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A Bit About Me...

I am more than an intuitive young lady-  yet no one's "fortune teller". 

Keep in mind that I am a guide, not your Guru...  My profession involves simply channeling your current energy and helping you transmute it into the life and situations you truly desire.

Not by using magic, spells or potions... 

Yet by helping you fine-tune your intuition, drive, connection with source and ability to laser focus.

Most importantly, with harm to none and for the benefit of all involved!


My name is Tanya Arrington but you can call me 'Trinity.'

I am a spiritual student & teacher, mindset coach, healer and intuitive energy reader. Being born a true empath & psychic intuitive raised throughout the busy boroughs of  NYC? 

I had no choice but to embrace spirituality by the ripe age of eight. Simply searching deep within the ethers for an escape from the noise, litter, over-crowdedness and air pollution that seemed to literally drain the lifeforce out of me.  Not knowing that my gifts stood out like a beacon of light to other realms,

I unknowingly experienced many spiritual attacks quite early on in life.

Years later after conquering many 'demons' and triumphing much spiritual warfare (including curses/ hexes/witch craft) on my own. I began to see a trend in the types of people who were drawn to me. They were either empaths or spiritually gifted people. And because of this, they were under much spiritual attack as well. They would come to me for guidance as if they intuitively knew this was my life's calling (way before I did).


It's recently become my greatest passion to help individuals ascend to higher levels of; alignment,  joy,  inner peace,  inner-standing,  mental clarity and consciousness. This business has been build with the core values of providing; 'A' -Class Service, Integrity, Confidentiality, and a true Commitment to serving the community.

To see how our collaboration can help you live your best life?

Click the 'Book Session' link and let's have an informative chat!

During this video chat, we will discuss what spirituality is and what it is not. 

We will also go over the areas of your life where you feel stagnant or unsatisfied to create an action plan for getting you from point 'A' to point 'B'.

So what are you waiting for, Beloved? Book your session today!

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